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The P-GRADE Grid Portal is a web based, service rich environment for the development, execution and monitoring of workflows and workflow based parameter studies on various grid platforms. P-GRADE Portal hides low-level grid access mechanisms by high-level graphical interfaces, making even non grid expert users capable of defining and executing distributed applications on multi-institutional computing infrastructures. Workflows and workflow based parameter studies defined in the P-GRADE Portal are portable between grid platforms without learning new systems or re-engineering program code. Technology neutral interfaces and concepts of the P-GRADE Portal help users cope with the large variety of grid solutions. More than that, any P-GRADE Portal installation can access multiple grids simultaneously, which enables the easy distribution of complex applications on several platforms. You can use the following link for getting more information: http://portal.p-grade.hu

You can reach the P-GRADE portal with http://portal.grid.org.tr:8080/gridsphere/gridsphere web address, also you can send jobs to the grid with this address.

Please send an e-mail portal@grid.org.tr for getting a P-GRADE portal account.

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